The Adrenalin Rush Podcast

Episode 31 - The Slingshot Wave SST Review

September 21, 2016

This week on The Adrenalin Rush Podcast I review the Slingshot Wave SST. 

So you're probably wondering what my thoughts are, well lets just say I'm a big fan.

Have a Listen and leave a comment below. 



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Episode 30 - The One Piece Of Gym Equipment Every Paddler Should Be Using!

September 14, 2016

There is only a handful of ways to be faster as a paddler. 

  1. You become more efficient with your stroke and overall technique.
  2. You get a faster board and paddle specific to your racing
  3. You get fitter which means you can paddle faster for longer

Pretty simple stuff right. Now I'm sure there is people out that will argue that there is a lot more avenues to go down as well, and for sure I agree but these three are probably the lowest hanging fruit to grab first before you go any further. 

So obviously technique is technique, you're either going to need a coach, partner filming you or be apart of a educated bunch that will help you along the way. At the end of the day technique is something you will continuously work on throughout your paddling journey. I would argue that you are constantly learning how to paddle, whether that be specifically to your new craft, your age, your fitness levels, your style of racing etc, the learning process never ends. 

Getting a faster board and paddle definitely helps, and its probably the easiest way to increase your performance. I mean going from a 10ft all rounder to a 14ft carbon race board has its immediate and obvious advantages.

Getting fitter though is usually last on peoples list. Why you ask, well I'll give you 3 reasons:

  1. Its F#$king Hard Work 
  2. Its F#$king Hard Work 
  3. Oh did I forget to mention that its F#$king Hard Work 

Haha sorry for the language but its true, getting fit isn't easy. Realistically though, many people start paddling to get fit, loose weight and be active which is fantastic and it absolutely works, however though if you want to get really fit and stack the deck in your favour then you need to do more then just paddle. 

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