The Adrenalin Rush Podcast

Episode 25 - How to Keep Kiting Fun

August 24, 2016

Now I'm sure you will find this hard to believe but sometimes us kiters can loose the edge or fall out of love with kiting. If this has happened to you or maybe you're experiencing this at the moment, don't panic I have some simple tips that will help you get back on the board and frothing once again. 

I guess to set this up properly I should mention that recently I have seen the light ha. For all those who don't know me personally I have been deep in the freestyle discipline for a while. I loved (and continue too love) the constant dedication it takes to land new tricks and progress your level of riding in the unhooked game. For years now I have been trying to become the best freestyler I can personally be, however though this passion has started to die out. 

After the constant struggle of repetitive crashes, catch front and back edges too often and the over disappointment of not progression fast enough from session to session I simple got over it. This struggle was a blessing in disguise though. 

After finding another sport to flex my competitive muscles on (SUP Racing) I view my kiting though a different shade of glass. I now have gone back to my roots and started to enjoy kiting for what it really is, a recreation. I have decided to mix things up and constantly try new things when I am out in the water. This has allowed me to re ignite my passion for the sport again. 

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Episode 24 - How Your Body Will Adapt To SUP Training

August 22, 2016

When you first start training in any particular sport for the first time, you will be noticeably stiff and sore! Thats just part of your body adapting to the stimuli that is training. When it comes to SUP there is most certainly no greater example of physical adaption through training. 

Its well known that there can be, and is a larger number of shoulder injuries in SUP. Now these injuries mightn't be as dramatic or as overwhelming as shoulder injuries in other sports however considering the shoulder joint is one of the most used if not the most used joint in a paddlers body, any pain or discomfort can be the difference from winning and coming dead last in a race. 

In this episode I talk about how new paddlers will find there adaption into the modern day SUP racers body. Some of the points I will talk about are:

  1. Some of the main areas that you will get tight and sore in. 
  2. What physical adaptions I have noticed since starting out.
  3. How you can manage your pain and injury whilst getting the most out of your paddling. 

I hope you enjoy this episode. If you get an value out of this episode of any of the other episodes out there, can you do me the biggest compliment anyone can give and simply tell someone about our podcast.

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